In March 2013, CloneMyKey was born in a college apartment at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. The founder, a computer science student who was unwilling to pay an excessive fee for a second key fob, devised his first method for duplicating RFID-based proximity keys. This discovery swiftly led to the establishment of CloneMyKey®, the first online company to offer RFID key duplication services. Since then, the company has rapidly expanded, serving customers in over 35 countries. CloneMyKey is currently located at 30 W. Mifflin St. in Madison, Wisconsin, just steps away from the state capitol.

The company has 5 processing stations. This capability gives us the fastest possible turnaround time and same day service for most orders.

Our mission is to deliver exceptional customer service and provide a cost-effective alternative for RFID key duplication. As a local business, we work closely with a diverse range of customers, understanding and meeting their unique needs in the most efficient and economical manner. Our customers have given us more than a thousand 5-star reviews on Yelp, Google, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Since its inception, CloneMyKey has saved customers an estimated $5 million by offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional RFID key duplication services.

Due to the company’s success, it has been asked to provide physical security consultations and even product design advising to several notable companies including Microsoft, Palace of Westminster, and others.

CloneMyKey also offers specialized and unique RFID access control supplies for customers ranging from property management firms to Fortune Global 500 technology companies as well as government entities, including defense & intelligence agencies. The company’s public portfolio includes Marriott Hotels, Samsung, Honeywell, Sandia National Lab, Aegis Defense, Hubb NYC, Dormigo, and the Canadian federal government.


Your Key Data

If you choose to store your key data with CloneMyKey® we will encrypt and store it on a secure network not connected to the internet.


Physical Material Handling

Any documents you send to us are shredded before leaving our office. This excludes external envelopes that may have your return address listed. If you also want these destroyed, as well simply write “SHRED ME” on the outside.


Your Billing Information

CloneMyKey® employees do not have access to your sensitive billing information. While inconvenient for some guests our customer protection policy prohibits us from taking orders over the phone – since we want to ensure your credit card details remain secure. Our Level 1 PCI DSS compliant credit card handler is Braintree. For more information please see their security policy. We also accept Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo.

For The Nerds

Our data storage system uses air gapped technology and all key data is secured with cascading encryption which utilizes AES, RSA, DSA, and other cryptosystems. Cipher keys up to 4096 bits in length are used. Encrypted key data is not revealed in plain text and can only be used by company equipment to make additional duplicate keys.

CloneMyKey Processing Room


All our products are covered by a 90-day return policy. For domestic orders we provide a return shipping label and protective packaging at no cost.

Reprogramming Support

If your original key fob or card ever gets deactivated, any duplicates received from CloneMyKey® will stop working. Complimentary reprogramming is included within the first 30 days of receiving your order. Any reprogramming after 30 days will cost $9.99. Lifetime reprogramming is available during checkout.

lost or damaged original keys

In the unlikely event your original key is lost or destroyed at the fault of CloneMyKey®, the company agrees to pay up to $265 to cover cost of replacement, for each original key.

Lost or Delayed Package Support

Lost and delayed packages are very frustrating and dealing with USPS can be difficult. We have years of experience resolving shipping issues and will work directly with USPS to locate and/or replace your lost package. This applies for all outgoing shipments.

Why do we use USPS? Check our blog article

Shipment & Rush Processing Refunds

Late Shipment Refunds – Refunds will be issued on all late USPS Priority Express mail items that do not arrive by the guaranteed time listed on the USPS website. Refunds will not be issued for USPS Priority or First-Class mail as USPS does not provide an on-time guarantee.

Rush Processing Failure – We offer a Rush Processing option that guarantees same-day processing for packages received before 12:00 pm Central Standard time on all business days, excluding USPS holidays and other scheduled facility down times. If you choose this option and it does not arrive in the time period promised, you will receive a full refund of the rush processing upgrade fee and shipping costs.

Policy Exceptions

Damaged Product – For a full refund our products must be returned undamaged. Of course, if they arrive damaged, we will fix the issue or still provide a refund. Sticker keys with used adhesive and products with custom logos are only returnable for store credit.

Rural Area Delivery – Refunds will not be issued for customers who receive late packages due to shipping to an area considered “rural” by USPS or other events outside the control of CloneMyKey® LLC and USPS.

*Cost of original key replacement is covered up to $265 per original. Coverage is included for all shipments being shipped from our office.


In this example, we demonstrate our various delivery options if we receive your order on Monday.

Mail In Key Copying Processing Time Chart

Standard Processing

Often same day if received before noon.
Guaranteed in 1 business day.

Rush Processing

Guaranteed to ship same day
if received before noon (Mon—Fri)

*For customers in areas deemed “rural” by the United States Postal Service an extra day for transit may be required. Please contact us for more info.


Key Copying Services

We specialize in duplicating a wide range of keys, with our expertise lying in RFID-based key fobs and access cards for apartments, condos, and offices. These come in various technologies, commonly referred to as formats, with over 100 different types available. Each format requires a unique method for duplication and specific key blanks, which affects the pricing. Additionally, we offer pricing discounts based on the quantity of copies ordered at once, automatically calculated during the checkout process. For an accurate pricing quote, we recommend starting the checkout process, with the flexibility to modify your cart items as needed. There is no obligation to complete the checkout process until you are ready.


Our bulk discounting program automatically applies discounts to orders of up to 100 keys during the checkout process. These discounts can reach over 60% off the retail price.

For orders exceeding 100 keys, please reach out to us. We have collaborated with numerous property management companies and large organizations to create tailored solutions for both one-time and recurring procurement needs. These types of orders can be highly customized with custom printing, color options, and material selection.


We exclusively rely on the United States Postal Service (USPS) for all our shipping needs. USPS is the ideal choice for our service, and you can find more information about it here. Our shipping prices are based on USPS’s base rates, but rest assured, our prices are always lower than the retail prices offered by USPS. For accurate shipping prices, kindly reach out to us or initiate the checkout process.


Our customers have given us outstanding reviews!

So many positive reviews have been received that it’s understandable to wonder if they are REAL! Below is our company policy for managing customer reviews. All customers receive a request for product/service review 10 days after ordering one of our products or services.

We will never create false reviews and we WILL NEVER remove or edit negative reviews, but out of necessity we may have to edit or remove reviews for the reasons listed below.

What we WILL NOT remove


Negative reviews


Poor grammar or spelling


Non-English reviews

What we WILL remove




Not relevant to our company


Advertising other companies

We also have reviews on several different third-party websites


For more information on becoming an industry partner please contact us.

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We are currently adequately staffed and not hiring. Please check back frequently for updates.

Contract Work Positions 

We are currently seeking individuals with electrical engineering skills, preferably experienced with Raspberry Pi/embedded Linux platforms and RFID (125Khz & 13.56Mhz) experience/knowledge. This position would be on a contract-work-only basis. To learn more, interested applicants should contact us at: info@clonemykey.com. Please include a résumé or provide a list of applicable skills and experiences.

Affiliate Marketing Program

For companies and individuals who host websites, blogs, and other online media we offer an affiliate program. Register

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