Many of our customers are surprised to learn that we use the United States Postal Service (USPS) exclusively for our domestic shipping. We have found that they have the best track record when compared against other major carriers. In 2013, during our first year in business we offered shipping with all major carriers. Surprisingly, USPS was the only one that did not permanently lose any of our customers’ packages. USPS customer service certainly could be improved, but we have successfully shipped thousands of keys through them and our customers have been very satisfied.

USPS also offers features that private carriers cannot. It is the only service allowed to deliver directly to your mailbox. For most of our customers that means delivery to a locked box only they can access. USPS is not allowed to deliver your package to an unsecured package room where someone else could retrieve it.

Another exclusive feature is Saturday delivery at no additional cost for all levels of USPS service. As long as the postal agent has access to your building, your mail will get delivered.

Lastly, one of the most important reasons we use USPS is cost. For low weight items, such as key fobs, USPS offers the best price for all service levels including economy to overnight Express delivery.

Of course, we use USPS knowing that  problems could occur. However, if your package ever becomes delayed or lost, we will handle all communication and work directly with USPS to rectify the problem. If it appears that your key will be delayed more than a day or two, we will often send out a complementary set of keys to help minimize any inconvenience.