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Product Options

Lifetime Reprogramming – Copies will only work while the original is active in the access control system. Recommended for customers who frequently move or if your landlord rotates keys and issues new ones on a regular basis.

Lifetime Warranty – All keys are covered by a 1-year limited warranty covering product defects. Our Lifetime Extended Warranty covers defects and customer caused damage for the lifetime of the key.

Cloning Service Options

Use wizard to determine which services are compatible with your key – START

Mail in Service– This service is primarily used for keys without a viable serial number and also keys with advanced security & encryption.

Snap N’ Send ™ – Used for keys with a visible serial number. Pre-Approval is required to use this service. Not all keys qualify.

Re-Order – Use your existing key data from a previously placed order.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 1 mm x 5 mm x 5 mmAntenna Size: Standard (30mm)
Weight: 0.1 ozWater Rating: Water Resistant
Material: ABS plasticSecurity: Low Security (Type 1)


Bulk Pricing

1 key

Full Price

2 Keys

5% Discount

5-9 Keys

10% discount

10-24 Keys

15% Discount

25-49 Keys

20% Discount

50+ Keys

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